is a service of Time Hop Films, LLC's masthead without the starfield, substituting a light grey neutral of faint, honeycombed triskeles, as Newgrange's kerbstone. Our contrast reversal resolves that wedge above, nestled between Newgrange and Stonehenge, shot Sept 1984 @ the first modern observation of equinox rising sunrays illuminating the predictive rock knob inscription Strikes on the Day of Bel upon the north wall of SE Colorado's Crack Cave, USA. Appearing on the south wall, twin left-to-right sets of 5 vertical strokes then clusters of 3 and 2 : Ogham code for GRN, shorthand for Grian, Gaelic for SUN. The masthead's . left of com is the actual SUN focussed like a spotlight through the cave's narrow aperture 35 feet away — September 22, 1984, 7½ hours before equinox moment
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